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Jun 18th - 2018

Top SEO Ranking Factors in 2018

Every year, several updates and adjustments are made to the search engine ranking factors and understanding these factors can distinguish a savvy online business from one that is likely to fail. You are probably aware of the importance of SEO in the digital marketing space today. Yet how can you leverage the huge potential therein? How can you determine the essential ranking factors in order to provide consistent results?

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Mar 27th - 2018

How Keyword Targeting can Increase Web Traffic

Keyword targeting is a great way to determine the source of your most valuable web traffic. However, just targeting anything and everything should not be your goal. Rather, focus on where you are likely to hit gold, and then aim to invest your efforts on making the best of it. By effectively identifying aspects of growth potential, your website can be transformed into a traffic engine with high potential for revenue.