May 2nd - 2018

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Google Algorithm Update

With continuous advancements in Search Engine Optimization process, the next algorithm update is always never far away. However, the latest update confirmed by Google on April 16 sent webmasters into some kind of flutter. Speculations concerning fresh algorithm updates took center stage as a result of unusual web ranking fluctuations spotted by website owners.

It is now official. Google has confirmed this update via their official twitter handle. The goal of this “broad core algorithm update” was designed to improve search engine results – an activity that is performed routinely each year. While specific areas were targeted via this update, other changes were broad and wide-reaching. Although there were speculations that the target here was low quality web pages, Google has now confirmed that the update focused more on content relevance.

What the Algorithm Update Means for you

The adjusted rank algorithm is targeted at ensuring users continue to get the best results and solutions to their queries. Since most of the update is focused on content relevance, the April 16 update would likely be based on how well content answers a specific query. What does this mean for you?

Even if your web ranking has been affected by this algorithm update, this is not necessarily an indication of low quality content. Instead, it is more of an indicator that your content must be more relevant to the specific audience in need of related results.

As a leading search engine, it is the goal of Google to continuously provide valuable, reliable, and fresh information. As such, algorithms are updated regularly. Therefore, it is important that webmasters and SEO experts keep a watchful eye on the next Google algorithm update as they are responsible for the rank fluctuations and overall web traffic score. The search engine algorithms change every year. If you must deliver the best results to your audience, understanding each update will be crucial.