Jun 14th - 2018

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Why Savvy e-Commerce Brands Need Content Marketing Strategy

With the steady advancements in technology and increased online shopping trends, the e-Commerce industry has continued to thrive. More and more brick and mortar stores now realize the importance of launching their own e-Commerce business to leverage the marketplace potential and stay ahead of the chasing pack. How can you attract prospects at different buying stages and beat off competition?

A well-defined content marketing strategy is crucial for any savvy e-Commerce brand today. In fact, your conversion rate can be increased to nearly 6 times with content marketing. Statistics have revealed that sites with content marketing enjoy an average conversion rate of up to 2.9% while those without a content marketing strategy receive conversion rates around 0.5% on average. This is enough proof that content marketing is king – it is now crucial to the success of any e-Commerce brand. Are there other benefits? Why do you need content marketing for your e-Commerce brand?

Brand Awareness and Recognition

Customers connect better with brands that incorporate content into their marketing strategy. The more valuable your content is, the easier people will remember your service and relate better with it. In fact, if you go the extra mile to produce authoritative content such as how-to guides, you may even be seen as an expert of choice in your niche, which will always attract a customer whenever a solution is needed in your industry.

Search Engine Optimization

At the very least, rich textual content will help boost your SEO score and rankings. A carefully researched, cleverly targeted, and subtle keyword approach will help you attract more prospects and eventual clients. The word “subtle” is crucial here, as stuffing your content with keywords may have adverse effect on your brand and sales strategy.

Brand Networking

Content marketing can help you build lasting and fruitful relationships with other brands. engaging in guest posting and content exchange can benefit the brands involved, improve your search engine results, and serve as a social proof signal in the eyes of your prospects and clients.

Brand Loyalty

A well-defined content marketing strategy will definitely attract prospects to your brand. In combination with an outstanding service and relationship after purchase, you can generate return clients that can create lifetime value for your brand.

Return on Investment

Content marketing promises compounding returns in the long run. Unless you delete it, the content you produce and publish yourself is always available. As such, constant publishing will boost your content strategy and as it continues to provide solutions, you can rest assured of prospects, sales, and compounding returns.

In a nutshell, a well-defined content marketing strategy promotes your brand in a more customer-friendly way. In addition to attracting prospects, it enhances the shopping experience of customers, and with more repeat clients on the bounce, you can rest assured of value – yes, value for the client and for your brand.